ESET Security | DESlock and Secure Authentication


DESlock+ is a simple-to-use encryption application for companies large and small. Take advantage of the optimised setup that speeds up the time to adoption for admins. The client side requires minimal user interaction, increasing user compliance and the security of your company data.

The key product, DESlock+ Pro does it all. Full disk and removable media encryption protect laptop computers against the unexpected. File, folder and email encryption allow fully secure collaboration across complex workgroups and team boundaries, with security policy enforced at all endpoints by the DESlock+ Enterprise Server. Meet your data security compliance obligations with a single MSI package. Learn More

ESET Secure Authentication

ESET Secure Authentication provides powerful authentication to make remote access to the company network and sensitive data safe, but hassle-free.

ESET Secure Authentication is a mobile based two-factor (2FA) one-time password (OTP) authentication for a higher level of security. The software is a one-tap installation which is simple and effective and supports a broad range of mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows. This out-of-the-box solution is more than convenient for the mobile workforce.
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